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Blinkie Prompts

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made by silverobsession for Blinkie_Prompts ONLY! Do NOT take!

A pixel creation contest community, where new and old blinkie makers can come to get inspiration, and/or practice.

We, as the mods, will post freeware pixels, for you, as the maker to make your own creation with, and then members, and other makers can vote to see who is the Master of Pixels!

Some prompts will be hard, while others will be easy enough to make a blinkie with in no time at all. Everyone is welcome to join the community and you don't have to be a maker, or enter every contest. :) So join us, and have some fun! ♥

› You must use all the pixels provided.
› You may edit and recolour the pixels provided.
› You may add other pixels, but no paid pixels!
› You must use your own blinkie boxes, not ones that you've purchased or been given.
› Your entry must say either "sample" or "example".
› You may submit up to 2 entries.
› Do NOT display, offer or share your blinkie with anyone until results have been posted.


Please note that all deadlines for entry submissions and votes are according to Australian EST! Posts are usually closed at around 10pm-midnight on the day.